Paying Off Debt Fast – How I Paid Off 240k In Less Than 2 Years

Howdy, Seth here. Today’s post is a pretty crucial one- you could say it’s part of the backbone to the whole FI philosophy. It’s all about paying off debt fast. The faster you’re not spending hundreds a month on credit card bills and loan payments, the faster you can start saving, investing, and making that money work for you.

Not long ago, I was in an interesting situation with debt and personal finances. This is my story of how I utilized the Bullet Journal (BuJo) to get out of debt and onto the path of financial independence.

Along this journey you’ll learn my perspective on paying off debt fast, finances, simple living, and how the living intentionally pretty much changed my life.

My goal at the end of this is for you to understand how to set financial goals, track your spending daily and/or monthly, and track your net worth – all through the principle of simplicity.

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