The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need: Waking Up Early

Truth be told, waking up early and having a morning routine is one of the best things in my life. It sets my day on the right path and helps me consistently take actions towards my goals.

I don’t always get a lot done, but it helps me focus and get grounded in my day. Any time I wake up later than expected or end up rushing to get into work, my day and brain are always a bit more scattered. It’s neat to see how much more effortless it is to have an amazing day after you’ve started it right.  Compared to the opposite of that, where I am foggy brained from over or under sleeping and struggling to keep up.

This one decision, to wake up early, will make or break your day. The morning routine/ritual is optional… What you do once you wake up is up to you. But I guarantee you’ll be more positive and grounded in your head space and decisions if you get up early and begin acting with intention.

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