Become the type of person that’s “good with money” 

Get out of debt, reduce stress, acquire financial security, and afford the life you want to live.

Being in debt is common, but it shouldn't be "the norm", and it doesn't have to be.

You make good money but aren’t sure where it all goes each month. Maybe you live paycheck to paycheck. Or worse you accumulate more debt each month, spending more than you earn. You are left feeling like you ought to be doing more with your money. For me being in debt was a heavy burden I felt like I could never shake off. It felt like this was normal to go through life this way - but it isn’t. Financial freedom and security are well within anyone’s grasp. 

Imagine all your debt was gone tomorrow - what would you do with all of that extra cash flow in your life? 

A lot of people think things will just “work themselves out” when it comes to their money. If you're here, reading this page, chances are you've realized that that's just not true. You need to have a TRUE understanding of your financial situation and take control of it to really make it work for you (instead of against you).

By matching your money goals to your life goals you can gain an understanding of what it will take to achieve your dreams.

Let me guess...

You make good money but you aren’t sure where it goes each month.

You’re in debt, feel like you’re stuck and won’t ever get out.

You’re stressed about being a failure financially and never get ahead.

You want to maintain a nice lifestyle while still saving responsibly for future goals.

Maybe you even know WHAT to do, but you're just not sure HOW to make it happen, and actually stick with the plan.

What if I told you I could help with all of that?

Customized one-on-one financial coaching

Together, we will come up with a financial plan that matches your life plan. You’ll gain clarity by seeing your entire financial scenario. We’ll hatch a plan to overcome your problems. You’ll have plenty of resources & accountability along the way from me. 

After we work together, you will:

• Know EXACTLY where your money goes every month.
• Know how to make your money work FOR you.
• Have security in your financial future for you and your family.
• Say "goodbye" to bad debt
• Have a healthy relationship with money
• Replace the stress around money with confidence and a full understanding of it all
• Have a plan to hit your goals and live the life you want to life

Action + Consistency = Success

Once you have a full understanding of your goals and financial situation we will come up with a plan.

You’ll be taking action daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure you hit those goals. I help ensure you stay on the path - consistently taking the correct actions along the way and correcting course if and when you stray (and we all do, even me to this very day).

The combination of your actions being performed over a long enough time will eventually lead to your success (you’re gonna pay off that debt and save for your goals).

How It Works

Step 1 : Clarity

After the discovery call, I need to learn even more about you so you’ll fill out the detailed financial coaching form. After that we’ll have our first strategy call. We’re going to take the view from above and look at your entire financial situation and dig into the nitty gritty as needed.

Step 2 : The Path

By the end of the first call, you’ll have a plan and some strategies to begin executing on that same day. We’re going to get you on the right path that aligns perfectly with your short and long-term goals. I’ll help equip you with clear strategies for you to begin building into your life that will assist in the process over the coming weeks or months (and beyond).

Step 3 : Consistent Action

You crush the goals laid out day by day. We have accountability check-ins and strategy calls. This is to ensure all your questions are answered and you’re building better habits. We’re always focused on improvements, personal growth, your relationship with money, and to pivot to other strategies if need-be. This is where you finally become the person who is “good with money” - and that feels good. 

What's Included

1. Financial clarity & education - looking at the big picture
2. Goal setting - short and long-term planning. Realistic goals based off your specific scenario.
3. Budget - We’ll make a realistic budget together (or modify one you already have). 

4. Debt - We’ll come up with a plan to pay off your debt as fast as you can and want (lifestyle balance)
5. Objectivity - Unbiased and honest third party critique.
6. Accountability - I’ll be there with you every step of the way.
7. Income - talk through various ways to increase your income.

We will work together for 3 months. This gives you enough time to build the key habits for you to be successful after our time together is over.

The package includes your initial strategy call (2hrs). After that we’ll meet briefly for once a week to check-in with each other. At the end of the first two months, we’ll do a longer call that will review the budget to see hits and misses, we’ll reevaluate the plan as necessary, and set clear strategies for the following months.

At the end of month three we’ll do a 1hr wrap up call. Here we’ll review our final month together and see how much progress you’ve made (you will have made a lot!). We’ll talk about longer term goals here and how to stay on the path of success going forward.

Are You Ready to Make a change for the better?