The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need: Waking Up Early

Truth be told, waking up early and having a morning routine is one of the best things in my life. It sets my day on the right path and helps me consistently take actions towards my goals.

I don’t always get a lot done, but it helps me focus and get grounded in my day. Any time I wake up later than expected or end up rushing to get into work, my day and brain are always a bit more scattered. It’s neat to see how much more effortless it is to have an amazing day after you’ve started it right.  Compared to the opposite of that, where I am foggy brained from over or under sleeping and struggling to keep up.

This one decision, to wake up early, will make or break your day. The morning routine/ritual is optional… What you do once you wake up is up to you. But I guarantee you’ll be more positive and grounded in your head space and decisions if you get up early and begin acting with intention.

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Thoughts on Turkey Day, Black Friday, & Cyber Monday

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming (very) soon, I thought I’d offer some solace. I mean that in the sense that it’s OK to think these are crazy days, not participate in them, and continue to live life as you always have without even thinking twice about them.

That’s how I handle them at least.

We all know it’s one huge marketing gimmick to get us to buy more shit we don’t need. Plus, did you know a lot of companies aren’t even providing you with the same quality or latest products during these “sales”?


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Comfort is an Illusion

Despite being in a perpetual state of discomfort for thousands of years, humans have not only lived but thrived in it. Finally, after all this time we’ve been able to create a world almost completely void of discomfort. What an amazing time to be alive. It sounds like we should celebrate and revel in our luxuries and excess, right?! Instead I am here to tell you that comfort is an illusion. In fact, discomfort is comfort. 

Modern inventions have made our lives here in the West better than ever in the history of humanity. Literally pick anyone in history and currently we probably have it easier and/or better than them. Refrigeration, electricity, A/C & heat, safety, clean water, an abundance of food and drink. The ability to have people do nearly anything for you with the click of a button or a few bucks. It really is quite amazing how far we’ve come. For the sake of this discussion, comfort is meant to also include luxuries and things in excess.

Not all comforts are bad and I don’t think we shouldn’t seek discomfort all the time. I’ll explore that dichotomy as well, don’t worry. 

Magicians know how the magic trick works. Therefore, they aren’t fooled by the illusion of slight-of-hand, palming, or any other deceptive trick disguised as magic. This post is going to teach you how to see right through the magic trick I call comfort and become a magician to all around you.

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Beginner’s Guide To Financial Independence & Early Retirement: How You Can Quit Your Job And Live Your Dream Life Before 40

“What’s financial independence? Retire at 30? What are you going to do? That sounds boring!”

Recently I struck up a conversation with a co-worker that went something along those lines. I’m always a bit weary to bring up the topic. You never know how people will react. Generally, people are either interested in learning more about financial independence & early retirement or strongly against anything slightly unconventional.

The notion of financial independence – never having to work another day in your life – before you’re 50 years old is a very contrarian and controversial topic these days.  And although it’s enjoyed a surge in popularity as of late and has even become a bit of a buzz word, there’s still many people out there who are unaware.

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Heat Adaptation and Low A/C Bills in Texas This Summer

This is something I get a lot of shit for from friends, family, and co-workers so I figured this was a great topic to talk about. It’s the end of July here in Texas, which means frequent 100+F (37+C) days. Unless you’ve been practicing heat adaptation, chances are your A/C bill is going to be ridiculously high this summer.

The topic of the weather is a natural thing for Any Human Ever to talk about. So beginning in May and ending in November here in Texas, it’s typical to hear people subtly complaining about the weather quite frequently with, “Waah! It’s so hot outside!”. OK that’s not so subtle and I’ve been guilty of saying this often, too. 

Call me crazy, but I no longer think this way. Yes, it is hot. But I’ve found a sweet trick that helps mitigate the misery. Not only that, it helps you to become less reliant upon the modern convenience of the A/C unit.

I wanted to bring up two important topics that I think embodies the mindset here at Just Stop Spending quite well: First is Heat Adaptation and the second, which is an effect of the first, is Low A/C Bills. 

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