Howdy! That means ‘hello’ in Texan.

Thanks for taking a second to drop by and see who we are and what we’re all about.

Seth is a jack of all trades and a self-proclaimed hobbyist. Legend has it that every three full moons something supernatural happens to him and his hobbies change entirely. He is employed as an accountant during the day but enjoys spending his free time in nature, creating things with his hands, and spending time with his son. Oh, and writing his highly opinionated thoughts and philosophies on things like money, debt (also known as negative monies), comfort, and simple living here at Just Stop Spending.

Cara is a graphic designer and social media strategist. While she has no intentions of retiring early, she’s well on her way to financial freedom after a reluctant start. In her free time she loves to write, lounge with her cat, write, play The Sims, and write. Did I mention she likes to write? Well, not so much here, but in other avenues.

Seth is debt free and is currently working to build his net worth through smart but simple investment strategies. And lots of patience. Cara is almost debt free, with just her student loans remaining.

We’re a little different, y’all…

One thing you’ll definitely get here is a broad perspective on FI. Seth is pretty hardcore about saving and the lifestyle in general, while Cara is quite a bit more relaxed with it all, preferring a more ‘balanced‘ approach as she calls it.

We’ve learned a lot during these last three years or so and we’re excited to share our experiences with you. The FI journey for us is just ramping up, so there will be many more lessons to learn. We hope you’ll join us along the way!


Where to Begin?

We highly recommend you start out with our Beginner’s Guide to Financial Independence. And once you’ve got that concept down, take a look at what it means to Spend Less, Live More. This will prove to you that we’re not freaky money magicians, but in fact two people who decided to just stop spending so much.