No-nonsense financial coaching, to help you get out (and stay out) of debt 

You’re making good money, but you have no idea where it goes every month.

It seems to disappear before you can even think about what you actually want to do with it. You were affording your lifestyle just fine, until one day you weren’t. You’re in debt, and every time you watch that interest charge hit your account, you stress out even more. 

Worst of all-- it doesn’t make sense. You’re smart! You have a good job, and you take home a nice paycheck. Doesn’t that mean you should be doing great with your money?

Shouldn’t your money be working for you, not against you?

I was just like you not long ago.

I was a few years into my career, with an accounting degree, working at a big company, making a cushy salary. On my own I made more than the US national household income. On paper, everything should have been working out perfectly.

But in reality? I was $40,000 in consumer debt (and that’s not including the $200,000 mortgage I couldn’t keep up with on top of growing credit card payments).

I am proud to say that now, 5 years later, I am 100% debt free. After years of trial and error, I finally figured out how to get out of (and stay out of!) debt, and now I’m making it my mission to help others on the same path.  

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